Hair Replacement System Bases Lace, Invisible Front, Skin, Mono.

 Hair System Base Choices



   For many clients perhaps the hardest decision is what base material should be utilized in their Hair System. Perhaps we can provide a little clarification on the different options as we cover what material(s) work best to provide the type of system that will meet your personal objectives.


   Pictured are 10 different bases, selected for their versatility and popularity. They by no means represent all the options you have available at My Hair Man, but they are an excellent starting point and will meet the needs of the vast majority of our clients.


   One of the key decisions in choosing a base design is whether your main objective is the look of your unit or its durability. On one side is the most natural undetectable appearance; on the other is the longest wearing system available. Or, like many clients you can choose a point somewhere in-between the two extremes. Literally any front material can be combined with any base material.


   By choosing My Hair Man’s InvisaSystem for the front of your system, you are guaranteed the most undetectable, natural hairline available today, regardless of the material chosen for the rest of your base. 


   A Hair System Base is the foundation into which hair is either tied or injected. Although many in the Hair Replacement Industry get very creative in naming their bases for marketing purposes, there are really only two materials used in base construction.

   The two primary materials used in hair system bases are Polymers and Mesh fabrics. Under these two broad categories, there are different materials available. Today, an increasingly large number of clients choose to combine more than one material into their base to obtain the best of both worlds; durability and an undetectable appearance.

#AL-01Lace base is totally undetectable    The least detectable and most comfortable material available is
 Swiss Lace. It is the first choice of clients who demand the highest
 level of invisibility possible.
   It is suitable for light to medium light hair densities. If you prefer a
 heavy density, Lace is not an option.
   The ALWP-02 model adds a Poly parameter for more stability and ease
 of attachment, clean-up and removal.
#ALP-02Lace base with bleached knots


   Swiss Lace totally disappears when attached. No matter how closely you look under any lighting conditions, all you see is your scalp. When combined with our InvisaSystem™, you can wear your hair in any style confident you have a perfect undetectable hairline. Because of its delicate nature, we do not recommend an all Lace System for first time hair wearers.

   French Lace is another option. It is not quite as invisible as Swiss Lace, but is more durable. We also like to recommend what some suppliers have named "Hollywood Lace" that is even more durable, but still retains a high level of un-detectability, especially with our InvisaSystem™ option.


   Another popular base option are the various Skin units which can look very natural. They
 can be made very thin and almost "mold"  themselves onto your scalp. 
   Hair is attached by two different methods. It can be "injected" into the base which will
 duplicate the look of natural hair growing from your scalp. A somewhat thicker base is
 required for this procedure. The thinnest bases usually will have the hair either looped or
 tied into the base material. 
#TS-01Skin base molds to your scalp


   Polymer based systems are marketed as being Gas Permeable. Although this is true, they do not allow air to circulate and can become very hot and uncomfortable. An option would be to have a small section in the Crown area made from French Lace to allow the unit to breathe.

#MP-01Longest wearing base, Monofilament     The original hair replacement system. While not as popular as it once was, the traditional
 Monofilament base still has a following. This unit wears well and hair density can be as thick
 as desired. Good for very heavy density hair. Can not be combed straight back.
   This Base has a Poly edging that allows for easier attachment, clean-up and removal of the


   A Monofilament base has the highest durability of any base. While still popular, conventional base systems are steadily losing ground as a base choice. They don't offer the same level of appearance at the full Lace, Skin or Hybrid Bases that combine a Monofilament base with a more undetectable front hairline.
   This base works best with your front hair combed forward as it doesn't have an undetectable front hair line. Not recommended for light and medium light hair densities. Looks best with medium to full hair density.

#LFM-01High definition hairline    Here we move into the base options that are fast becoming the most
 popular options. The combining of two different materials that allows
 both long wear and an invisible front Hair Line, especially when ordered
 with our InvisaSystem
   Both options feature a Mono Base with a French lace front and a Poly
 edge for easy attachment.

   Hybrid Bases as they are usually referred to, allow the best of both worlds. A longer wearing base combined with an undetectable front hairline. The density in the Mono area can be as thick as desired while the density in the Lace area will be lighter.

#LFMH-03Replaceable Lace front    
   The base on the left features a replaceable front Lace section. Normally
 you can expect the Lace areas, due to their more fragile nature, to not  
 last as long as the Mono section. This base allows the replacement of   
 the Lace area to give you more usage from your Hair System.
   The base on the right substitutes a Thin Skin section instead of the      
 Mono material.
#LFS-01Invisible front hairline with this base

  We feel that the replaceable Lace section is a good option for many as it will not only give you good service,  the Lace area is large enough to allow you to comb your hair straight back if desired.

#SMP-01Undetectable thin skin hairline     These bases are constructed like bases LFM-01 and LFMS-02 except we
 are substituting a Thin Skin material instead of French Lace for the front
 hair line.
#STMP-02Skin and Mono base combination

Selecting the best base for your Hair System.
   First, let me state that there is no such thing as the "best" base. Lifestyle, expectations, durability and the most natural look will all play a part in the selection of your base. Also, not to be overlooked are personal experiences with previous Hair Systems. Often a client has a history wearing a certain type of system and are reluctant to make any changes.
     Okay Ron, what do you recommend? Here is where we stick our necks out and make some actual recommendations.

For the ultimate in invisibility – either a Swiss or French Lace

  • Suitable for light to medium density.
  • Somewhat fragile, handle with care.

An alternate option – a Thin Skin base

  • Realistic look.
  • Hot, unlike lace it doesn't breathe. For that reason, many clients prefer Lace over Skin Units.

If you want the highest hair density possible – a Mono base

  • Can handle 100% and even higher hair density.
  • The most durable Hair System available.
  •  Front hair line can’t be combed back. For many hair replacement wearers this is a non-issue as they prefer to comb their hair forward.

For the best of both worlds - a Mono main section with a Lace front 

  • Can combine a light density in the front for a natural look and a higher density in the back (Mono) area if desired.
  • Can comb your hair in any direction for a very realistic look.
  • Can utilize our InvisaSystem for an undetectable hairline.
  • One of my personal favorites as you can combine the best of all the different options.


   Having said all that let me again stress that there is no “one size fits all” option. Before placing your order into production, WE WILL CALL to review your order to insure you have the best options available for your individual needs. You can get started Risk Free HERE Today.