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Hair Club Reviews  

A review of my Hair Club experience 

   I will never forget my first personal experience with one of the overpriced “Hair Clubs”. After my “Free Microscopic Hair and Scalp Analysis” I was told that I was suffering from Androgenetic Alopecia, the scientific term for hereditary Male Pattern Baldness. That came as no surprise since my father and other relatives also had been affected with the balding gene.


   Not wanting to continue balding without putting up a fight, I was elated to learn they had a “solution” that would restore my hair to its former fullness and glory. The consultant placed several different hair systems on my scalp to show what my end result might look like. I must confess that I was impressed!


   At that point in time, price was a secondary consideration as I didn’t know of any other viable alternatives  other than a Hair Club. I signed the contract on the spot without any hesitation or further consideration, plus they had offered some “today only” specials. Yes, there was pressure but honestly I didn’t put up much of a fight because I really did want to improve my looks and I knew of no other options to the hair club.


   After about 7 weeks, I was called in for a fitting of my new hair system. The stylist clipped a track into my existing hair leaving a stubble about 1/16” long. She then proceeded to glue the system into that hair with an adhesive I was later to find out was a first cousin to Super Glue. I was told that the procedure would last 4 weeks at which time it would have to be reattached. After cutting and styling my “new” hair, I left looking and feeling like my old self again!Hair Club Reviews


   Within a week I noticed the system felt loose and moved around a bit. After two weeks, there was a significant amount of shifting and looseness. I realized my natural growing hair (that the hair system was attached to) was growing longer moving the hair system further and further away from my scalp. It was then I knew that more frequent and expensive visits (at $75 each) to the Hair Club would be necessary to keep my hair system securely attached.  


   When I had originally signed my contract I was told that I would need a new hair system every 3 months. I asked a number of questions challenging that assumption. What if I engaged in contact sports, how long would it last? Answer – 3 months. What if I swam every day, how long would it last? Answer – 3 months. What if a led a sedentary life and did nothing physical, how long would it last? Answer –3 months. It was as though the Hair Club hair piece had a ticking time bomb that would self-destruct in 3 months time under all circumstances! Now this was at a time where all hair systems were constructed using strong Monofilament bases that wear like iron. There were no Lace or Poly unit options available which of course are more delicate.


   You may have a similar story if you have already gone the Hair Club route. My recommendation is both straight forth and simple. If you are a Hair Club client, break away from the hair replacement centers high prices, long term contracts, questionable sales practices and expensive visits to have your hair reattached.


   Are you researching if a Hair Club is the best way to go? Simple question, equally simple answer; why would you want to pay $1,500.00 or more for a hair replacement system, incur monthly expenses to reattach it and tie yourself down with a long term contract if you can have the same or superior quality for hundreds less? 

   If you a currently a Hair Club Client, It’s time to break free. Let My Hair Man help you achieve independence from expensive Hair Clubs! 

       Won’t it be great not to be tied into long term contracts, pushy salespeople and expensive maintenance fees? Don’t you have other things you would rather spend your hard earned money on? We offer an easy, affordable solution with no strings attached. If you already wear a hair system, we can duplicate your existing system exactly, or change any part according to your desires.


   If this is your first hair replacement system, we urge you to start out right with our totally custom mens hairpiece. We Guarantee satisfaction - you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain!


   Our volume allows us to deal directly with the manufactures and avoid all the Middleman’s mark-ups. We then pass on those Factory-Direct prices to our clients. Through the Internet we have access to thousands of people without the need for numerous expensive retail outlets. The money saved by our Internet Business Model can then be passed on to you without any sacrifice in quality. The only difference is you will save a ton of money!  

   Attach & maintain your hair system in the privacy and comfort of your own home.  

   Contrary to what the various Hair Clubs would have you believe; attaching, removing, cleaning and maintaining your Hair System is something you can easily accomplish in the privacy and convenience of your own home. We will teach you everything you need to know, it isn’t rocket science! Why go through the inconvenience and expense of having someone else do for you what you can easily do for yourself?


   The next step, order your Custom Fitting Kit


risk free

   It couldn’t be easier to get started and break away from the Hair Clubs. If you currently wear a hair system, send us a spare and we will duplicate it exactly, or make any desired changes.

   If this will be your first hair replacement system or even if it's not, order our Custom Fitting Kit, choose from the many options available and design a completely new custom designed Hair System. You can get started Risk Free Here.